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Human beings are made for and to be in relationships.  We are all broken people, living in a broken world; each of us being a victim and a perpetrator of pain.  This reality creates suffering and pain in our lives.  All of this brokenness, suffering, loss, and pain can easily hide the fact that we are all created in the image of God.  Contrary to this image of God, as we have made our way through this fallen world, we have developed unhealthy lifestyles/life scripts and mindsets (mainly unconsciously) that are not serving us well.

As a professional counselor, I offer you an accepting and healing relationship, committing to walk with you in your unique life process.  Through the application of biblically and psychologically integrated principles, in a safe and confidential atmosphere, we will together with God’s help, identify and replace less than helpful lifestyle and belief patterns.  Setting aside societal labels and accepting responsibility for our own lives, we will forge new and holistically beneficial strategies for living.  Let’s not just tweak life; let’s transform it.

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